Wednesday, August 20, 2014

EICV7" No. 82 - Time Travelling Toaster ..coming soon!

EverythingIsChemical Virtual 7" No. 82 - Time Travelling Toaster comes out August 24th

"We've gotta reinvest in space travel. We should've never left the moon." ~Ray Bradbury

(hopefully you checked out the last v7"?)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Pinch me, I'm dreaming..

Aphex Twin's 'Syro' comes out this year (?) via ?◔◡◔

Here's the tracklist (maybe/probably):
1. Minipops 67 (Source Field Mix)
2. XMAS_EVET10 (Thanaton3 Mix)
3. Produk 29
4. 4 Bit 9D Api+E+6
5. 180db_
6. CIRCLONT6A (Syrobonkus Mix)
7. Fz Pseudotimestretch+E+3
8. CIRCLONT14 (Shrymoming Mix)
9. Syro U473t8+E (Piezoluminescence Mix)
10. PAPAT4 (Pineal Mix)
11. S950tx16wasr10 (Earth Portal Mix)
12. Aisatsana

Seriously though, another decade without Mr. D. James is just unacceptable.

EIC's 10Q's w/ Garth Knight

"..a trip deep trough the dancey soundscapes of classic 80's sci-fi/horror scores tinged with elements of classic 8-16bit video game sounds.."

Garth Knight
Evocative Synthesizer Emulator

Garth Knight Bio:
Garth Knight is the son of Wilton Knight and Elizabeth Knight and the brother of Jennifer Knight. Garth is almost indentical to Michael Knight except that Garth has a moustache and a little beard. The reason why Garth looks like Michael Knight is because Wilton Knight changed Michael Long’s face to look like Garth when he created the new identity “Michael Knight”. For several years Garth was in an African prison, sentenced to three consecutive life sentences there. He met an African Revolutionary Tsombe Kuna, a member of the “Pan-African Liberation Movement”. Garth was able to avoid his life sentences because of a top official who was taking bribes on leases on diamond mines, bribed by Garth’s mother, Elizabeth Knight.

Hello, how are you?
Hi I'm great thanks for asking, enjoying the tremendous Sunny Scottish weather which is unusual for this Country.

What are you currently listening to?
Ha nice one, well let's see, I have my iPod with me at all times and on it just now is the excellent SNES soundtrack to 'Castlevania IV' - Also the awesome Sega Genesis 'M.U.S.H.A' music - Some David Bowie and a lot of Midnight Star (old 80's RnB/Funk)

What's the story behind the band name?
I guess I always loved the name, I am still a big 'Knight Rider' Fan and always loved the Garth Knight episodes, Hasselhoff is a terrible baddie haha!

Was there a specific sound you were going for when you began this project?
Absolutely not, It just started one Summer releasing some tunes on Soundcloud and literally spiraled from there - I have been making music for about 14 years now but in the last few years feel like I am confident about my stuff to actually release it.

Care to shed some info on your latest release; theme, favorite track(s), etc?
Well the last recent one was the 'New Flesh EP' as I have always loved the movie 'Videodrome' and am a big Cronenberg fan in general - that was a hard EP to finish as I've never really written in that Industrial style before. 
Will you be touring extensively for said release?
God no, I'm a family guy haha, I have a real job that pays the bills and couldn't be away from my lovely wife for a tour.

Got any other projects we should know about?
I've recently done a few things for TV over here in the UK and I am working on something I'm really not allowed to mention sorry!

What movie would work best on mute while listening to you music?
Hmm....probably Zappa's '2000 Motels'...or is it '1000 Motels'?*
*EIC: It's 200;]

You can only keep/listen to ONE album for the rest of your life ..which album would it be?
Impossible to answer but ...probably Howard Johnsons ' Keeping Love New' - That album is pure Gold.

Are you living your dream?
Yes I am, life is good - and I'm very very grateful to everyone who takes the chance to check my music out, it's very much appreciated and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this cool interview! All the best.

Thanx Ged!

Garth Knight recently released 'K.A.R.R.' ..assuming you love synthesizers you'll love this..;]

REVIEW: Garth Knight - K.A.R.R.

7.25 out of 10
Find it here.

Garth Knight was another random discovery for me. A pretty terrific little compilation was sent to me in-which featured the terrific single "Regardez Moi" by Mr. Knight. From there I asked around and found myself at Garth's contact info. After submerging myself properly into more of his wonderful world of 80's homages (ie: Synth Pop with heavy themes of era specific Pop Culture) I can truly say I am a fan, Garth Knight's music is radical to the max.

'K.A.R.R.' isn't necessarily Garth Knight's latest release, he is in-fact quite prolific. I'm not sure what kind of rate he is putting music out, but it seems to be quite rapid. I believe 'K.A.R.R.' is at least his latest full length though (maybe?).. No matter, it's (IMO) his strongest offering yet. Something any hard core Synth Pop fan could truly appreciate, also fans of (French) House sounds such as Daft Punk may find a beat or two they will attach themselves to. No complaints on the "fun scale", this release has everything you want for a bright sunny day with a little bit of dancing thrown into the mix. On 'K.A.R.R.' Garth takes us on a trip deep trough the dancey soundscapes of classic 80's sci-fi/horror scores tinged with elements of classic 8-16bit video game sounds.. What about that doesn't sound totally awesome-radical to the max to you?

"Try not to confuse yourself, the year is still 2014.. Yes you are driving KITT one a 2-dimensional line wire traced vector road, and yes that may have been Pac Man you just passed by.. You're just time travelling in place" Recommended.

Standout Tracks: You Just Came To Crash The Party, Dance With Me, Lost In The Music, Ruins Of Cybertron

Sunday, August 17, 2014

EICV7" No. 81 - Muteboy

Don't worry, the next #EICV7inch comes out real soon..